_Kendra♥ (_lovestruck_627) wrote in graphix_spree,

Become a Maker

To become a maker, please comment on this entry with the links of your 2 examples. :D
Thanks for applying. It's greatly appreciated.
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Here are some of my creations
FO Banner
(I always thought it'd be cool if she said I'll dance with your boyfriend haha)
800x600 Wallpaper

If you want to see Icons/headers or anything else I have toons <33

i have viewed both of your designs
and i LOVE them. you are auto accepted!
great job! :D and thanks :)
Okay sweet! I am excited to be part of this community :)
Im new at this, but, figured Id try because I wanted some of Teddy Geiger & no one had any.




yes. congrats. XD
I'd love to apply to be an icon maker!

samples: header / icon

my icon journal is _seventytimes7 if you want to see more
great job.. accepted
Thank you! I'll start posting ASAP.